Vivienne Westwood's front row message for Julian Assange

By Carrie Tyler Posted: Sunday 16 September 2012
Jade Parfitt at Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood's political dance at London Fashion Week

Never knowingly out of the political limelight, Dame Vivienne Westwood today courted controversy by creating pro-Julian Assange T-shirts for her guests to wear front row at her London Fashion Week show.

Held at London’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Westwood chose the occasion and venue to make a stand about the UK’s decision not to block his extradition to Sweden over alleged sex crimes. Model Jade Parfitt sat front row proudly wearing the ‘I’m Julian Assange’ T-shirt which Westwood had designed.

Assange, who denies allegations of rape and sexual molestation, has been fighting extradition to Sweden for the past two years.

Anticipation had been building amongst the guests – which included Alice Dellal and Charlotte Free modelling - over the message Westwood would chose to convey at her finale appearance, traditionally the moment when Dame Vivienne reinforces her manifestos in dramatic style.

She did, but the fight for Assange was left to the front row. Instead Westwood, dressed in a shroud that she dropped to reveal a ‘Climate Revolution’ T-shirt and tiny shorts, campaigned against climate control.

Julian Assange and climate change: for Vivienne Westwood spring summer 2013 is so much more than just the clothes